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A to Z Feeders is a family owned and operated feedlot and farm. We strive to feed and finish beef with the highest efficiency possible using the best feed resources available. Our family farm also allows us to use feed products grown right here on our own Century Farm. With our full blood Wagyu herd, we work exclusively with Sogo Takeda (from the island of Hokkaido, Japan) for our genetic program. A to Z Feeders is able to offer a feeder calf buy-back program due to the fact that our genetic progeny consistently grade 15 to 20% higher than any other sourced genetics. This allows A to Z feeders to curate the best genetics in the business.  Also we are  NHTC and GAP certified and therefore able to easily ship cattle and genetics to any allowed country in the world.

A to Z Feeders is located in the heart of beef and grain country and in close proximity to multiple ethanol plants. The fermentation of grain in the ethanol production process makes a natural high-protein, high-fat and high-fiber byproduct that cattle love and is highly sought after for its unique benefits in finishing high grade cattle. 

Our grounds and equipment are tailored to efficiency and good stewardship of our beef.  A to Z Feeders has an on-site certified truck scale which enables us to weigh feeder cattle coming in and fat cattle going out. Keeping accurate data keeps us on top of the game in producing the finest beef available.  Our monoslope bedding barn and outside pens are carefully engineered to keep the cattle clean and comfortable.  With multiple feed trucks outfitted with on-board computers to formulate rations and facilitate “real time” recording, we can carefully tailor feed programs to meet evolving needs.  We have both covered and open on-site commodity storage and an indoor working facility equipped with a hydraulic chute and scales.

Zellmer Farms, our Century family farm and sister operation to A to Z Feeders, raises corn, beans and forages. Zellmer Farms' goal is to continue good stewardship of our resources and preserve the land for generations to come. We use a no-till system that is good for the environment as well as productive for the farm.  Over the last 10 years we have experimented with cover crops to find just the right beneficial mix. We currently use cereal rye, chop and double crop beans back in. Almost 100% of our fertilization program uses the nutrients provided from our feedlot.

A to Z Feeders has been in the Wagyu feeding business for twenty-plus years. The first five years we worked closely with Sogo Takeda to build the foundation of our program. Under his guidance, we developed a feeding program from locally sourced American feed products which parallels that of traditional Wagyu masters. That basic program continues today with careful curation and attention to quality. We attribute a great portion of the success in our feeding program to Mr. Takeda's wise guidance.

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A to Z Feeders started our full-blood Wagyu operation ten years ago to facilitate our cattle feeding operation and today we run in excess of 200 full-blood Wagyu mama cows.   Again, with advisement from Sogo Takeda, these cows are all exclusive highly sought after genetics directly from Hokkaido, Japan.  The progeny from these Sogo Takeda bulls consistently produce calves that outgrade other Wagyu calves we have purchased and fed by 15 to 20%. A to Z Feeders is now producing more heifers and bulls than we can use in our own operation. A to Z is proud to offer these high grading bulls, cows and heifers for sale.

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All Bulls and Heifers are placed on feed test and ranked, so buyers can match each animal purchased to the specific needs.
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