Our Wagyu Breeding Stock

At A to Z Feeders, we now offer full blood heifers and bulls for purchase.  Our Wagyu stock is from the Takeda pedigree.  We have worked with Mr. Takeda himself for 17 years to insure we have the finest Wagyu cattle pedigree around, using his nutrition methods and feeding schedule.

As well as offering stock for sale, we are currently seeking contracts for producers to raise our F1 (1/2 Angus, 1/2 Wagyu ) breed of cattle in their facilities.  If interested, please contact our office through email or phone directly.

8 thoughts on “Our Wagyu Breeding Stock”

  1. What kind of deal are you guys looking for in feeding your 1/2 Angus and 1/2 wagyu I am currently in the process of putting a feed yard in in southwest iowa I can be contacted by email at johnsonmp@live.com or by phone at (660) 853-0416 thank you

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