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The Zellmer Family

As family owned and operated businesses, Zellmer Farms and A to Z Feeders employs several family members and longtime trusted employees, who have a vested interest in continuing to supply the world with quality beef and row crops. Meet some of our employees and learn about how they enhance day to day actions in our business.

Alan and Brenda Zellmer, Owners

Alan and Brenda began their farming career in the mid 1970s near Wiota, Iowa.  Alan began with row crop farming and raising hogs.  After moving outside of  Atlantic, Iowa, they began raising beef and continued row crop farming. Alan has been farming since the age of 14, giving him over 35 years of experience in the agricultural industry. Brenda has served as the bookkeeper for Zellmer Farms and A to Z Feeders for the past 20 years. Alan and Brenda have six children and just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

Ethan Zellmer

Ethan manages the row crop business for Zellmer Farms and is in charge of equipment maintenance for both businesses. He is the oldest son of Alan and Brenda.  Ethan has a degree in Ag Business from Des Moines Area Community College with a minor in Animal Science.

Gage Zellmer

Gage cares for the cow/calf operations for Zellmer Farms, as well as assisting with the implementation of A to Z Feeders’ nutrition programs. He also cares for the horse herd around Zellmer Farms and is a member of the Pony Express team. Gage is Alan and Brenda’s youngest son.

Jim Skartvedt

Jim holds a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University and studied for his Master’s degree under Dr. Allen Trenkle, a distinguished Animal Science professor at Iowa State. During his time at ISU, Jim studied how to feed cattle to produce beef that holds the same nutritional benefits Wagyu cattle provide naturally. In addition to managing the feedlot for A to Z Feeders and serving as the on site nutritionist, Jim owns Iowa Gold, a feedlot service company specializing in ethanol by-product usage. Jim is married to Alan and Brenda’s daughter, Danelle.

Sam-the Farm Dog

Sam is the resident farm dog here at A to Z Feeders and Zellmer Farms.  She is in charge of security and consumption of leftover steak and hamburgers.

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