A to Z Feeders-Custom Feeding

 A to Z Feeders is a family owned, family operated feedlot. Our operation has been certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care organization as a feedlot who upholds the Humane Farm Animal Care Standards.

We offer at our facilities:

    • GAP approved
    • NHTC approvedIMG_0562
    • Age and Source Verified
    • EID & Data collection available
    • Affordable cost of gains
    • EPA-DNR Approved
    • Onsite Nutritionist
    • Optional marketing assistance
    • Wagyu procurement program
    • Open lots & Mono-sloped buildings
Our Mono-sloped building provides many benefits to our custom feeding program, such as:
  • Controlled Environment
  • Increased Gains
  • Improved Feed Conversions
  • Less Days on Feed
  • Increased Quality and Yield Grades
  • Improved Health
  • Systematic Pen Maintenance which Improves the Pen Environment
Services we can provide

Our herds are fed a nutritious diet consisting of by-products from local ethanol plants as well as hay. The use of these by-products has proved very cost effective, as well as nutritionally beneficial for the animals and the resulting beef cuts. Although we specialize in Wagyu and all natural cattle, our goal is to tailor feeding programs to the end user’s needs.

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  1. Inrerested in sending red Wagyu to the feedlot , around 64 , I Would Like to Know the Cost per Day , the Average Weight is 550 Lbs .
    Can you Please send me Information

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